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Graham Rehabilitation Chiropractor Center

О компании
Our team of doctors and therapists work together to accurately diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions.

Services include - but are not limited - to:

Chiropractic Services
Weight Loss
Physical Therapy
Massage Therapy
Rehabilitative Services
Naturopathic Services
Cold Laser Therapy
Craniosacral Treatment
Primary Care
B12 Shots
Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol

We are a preferred provider on most insurance plans, including:

First Choice
Uniform Medical

We also accept:

Auto Accident insurance
Worker's Comp

As well as offer options for patients with little or no insurance coverage.

To learn more about our payment options for chiropractic and wellness care - or anything else about our clinic and our services - you can call our office directly!
Адрес 1215 4th Ave #1000, Seattle, WA 98161
Телефон (206) 622-9001
Факс (206) 622-9001
Email loebellelarson@gmail.com
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